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About Us

NeX-Gen Partners Property Management, LLC is one of the foremost providers of professional property management services for residential and multifamily real estate in Port St Lucie Florida, the Florida Keys and its surrounding areas. Together with our clients we develop customized, property-specific management plans. We build trusting relationships through consistent communication, proven management techniques, and a results-oriented management culture.

Nex-Gen Partners was founded on the philosophy that a full-service professional property management firm should do more than collect rent and pay a few bills. We believe our services should add to the success of an owner's investment by incorporating the owner's goals with reliable methodologies, innovative and distinctive property management skills while providing quality housing for tenants. In other words, we consider ourselves a vital partner to both success of the property owner and quality of life for the tenant.

Our People

NeX-Gen Partners has formed a power team to give the upmost level of service in Real Estate. Our management’s experience combined has created a professional, high-energy team that is focused on delivering superior quality service. With a management team of strong minded individuals, the client will never be left alone in the process of buying, selling, leasing, or management of their real estate. By tapping into our own entrepreneurial nature and diversified experiences, Nex-Gen Partners is built to tackle the myriad of issues that confront real estate investors.

Through our training, consultation, and outsource solutions; property owners will find a solution to help their investment thrive. Our staff includes individuals who have small business experience, experience in property and project management, residential and investment real estate sales and leasing, Home Owners Association (HOA) rules enforcement and management, corporate level operations, sales and marketing management and tenant dispute resolution.

Our Values

NeX-Gen Partners was developed to respond to the need of real estate investors and small business owners for outsourced Real Estate services that allow them to focus on their core competencies.  NeX-Gen Partners aims to bring our clients top-notch experience, and a high level of talent to the property owner. Every member of our team adheres to our industry-exclusive five core values. These values have shaped our company and can be seen in everything we do.

  1. Integrity
    Managing real estate for maximum profit requires a huge time commitment and extraordinary patience. Slow-paying residents and emergency maintenance situations are just two of the hundreds of problems that may burden you as a property owner. Professional property management is the key to freeing your time and decreasing your stress.

    However, not just any management company will do. You need an organization you can trust to represent you and protect your interests. You need an organization with integrity. NeX-Gen Partners is licensed by the Florida and Nevada Departments of Real Estate Commission; we adhere to a strict code of ethics. We conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner and always adhere to all Fair Housing principles.
  2. Consistent Analysis
    NeX-Gen Partners’ technological services include extensive research and examining market trends. We pride ourselves for our open communication, accessibility, and integrity. Our sales experience, coupled with extensive business and operational knowledge ensures that your real estate needs will be carried out professionally.
  3. High Standards
    NeX-Gen Partners takes on-site inspections to the next level with an approach that every vendor or person that visit’s the property provides management with information on the visual condition of the property.  Such visits ensure that your properties are being maintained to the highest standards. If we determine that a property needs a more detailed inspection, we schedule one immediately.   
  4. Dependable Service
    At NeX-Gen Partners our greatest asset is a client's trust in our capabilities. That’s why we work to earn that trust each and every day. We work to consistently surprise both owners and tenants with our outstanding level of service.
  5. Flexibility
    At NeX-Gen Partners we understand that each client and each property is unique, with different needs. Achieving and ensuring that all expectations are delivered is a top priority. Nex-Gen Partners strongly believes in our obligation to you as the client, and our exceptional service will leave a positive end result guaranteed.

"If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary." --Jim Rohn