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"Landlords and Tenants come for our reputation, they stay for our performance!"

Property Management Services Include:

  • Rent Collection – timely and easy billings with secure recurring tenant billing.
  • Prepare the property to rent and make sure it is clean with all repairs completed.
  • Tenant Management – assertion of tenant compliance with lease agreement and or Home Owner Association rules and regulations.
  • Negotiation of lease renewals and rent increases.
  • Routine property inspections.
  • Monthly reporting package.
  • Assistance in evaluating the cost-benefit relationship for property improvements, including maintenance and repair cost.
  • 24-hour hotline for maintenance calls.
  • Coordinate with your accounting service to provide appropriate tax support for your accurate reporting.
  • Assist with property repairs and rehabilitation by diagnosing, preparing proposals, and maintenance scheduling.
  • Quality care with repairs, painting, and cleaning.
  • Review of service provider contracts.
  • Civil Suits and Evictions professionally handled, protecting the owner’s rights, their investment, and return on investment.
  • We cater to any culture and speak English and Spanish.
  • Licensed and insured by the Florida and Nevada Departments of Real Estate Commission.
  • Detailed market analysis.
  • Professional marketing and advertising.
  • Applicant screening and approval.
  • Annual insurance review.
  • Inspection of all vacant units.
  • Preventative maintenance programs.
  • Experience with all municipal inspections.

Tenant Placement Services Include:

  • Tenant Placement – immediately conduct demographics of property to find the best suitable tenant for the property.
  • Tenant Screening – background check, credit check, employment and previous rental history verification process qualifies prospective applicants.
  • Rental Marketing Services – placement of newspaper ads, internet advertising, flyers, tenant referral fees to procure quick tenant placement, listing in the multiple listing service (MLS) and other internet rental sites.
  • Rental rate analysis and investment property due diligence.
  • Lease negotiations and preparation – prepare and review leases with owner and tenant prior to execution.
  • Tenant Orientation – review Tenant Handbook with all new tenants.
  • Walk thru inspections – conduct initial, quarterly and final walk thru with tenants.

Summary of Management Fees:

Owners are not required to pay any fees for vacant properties.

Primary expenses include:

  • Property management fee – A percentage of the monthly gross income.
  • Leasing Fee – equal to one (1) month’s rent. The tenants’ first month’s rent is retained and serves as the leasing fee.
  • Lease Renewal Fee – If a tenant remains in the property for longer than 12-months, there will be a lease renewal fee be charged during the 13th month.

Routine Services:

  • Lawn care, tree trimming , gutter cleaning, pressure cleaning to the exterior of house, roof or driveway cleaning , pool service, replacement of kitchen , and bathroom water hoses, air conditioning coil cleaning or any other regularly scheduled services can be arranged monthly, quarterly, or annually. All routine or improvement services will be arranged and approved by owner prior to any work being performed. Typically lawn and pool services are paid by the tenant, unless otherwise approved by owner.


Rehabilitating neglected or dated properties can be beneficial since they offer large cash profits, in a relatively short amount of time. Despite the fact that it does take a significant amount of oversight during the rehabbing of a property, this time can be well compensated if the property was purchased at an appropriate price. Whereas a rehab property can be any property in disrepair, most tend to be single family residential properties. With the recent overbuilding in new homes, there are currently many older or distressed homes that offer great opportunities for owners. NeX-Gen Partners will manage these projects from start to finish with local contractors and vendors.

Now, don't take this rehab business lightly, it is a tedious and time consuming job that is not for the faint at heart. It requires time and lots of patience to work around the unexpected, staying within a budget, dealing with the municipal building departments and permitting process, working and managing the vendors and contractors and their schedules, and worse of all sometimes making vendors re-do their work because it doesn't meet our expectations.

Although NeX-Gen Partners oversees and manages this work, it is work done on behalf of our clients so that the end result provides our owners the ability to flip for profits and or rent long term and benefit from immediate rental income and property equity.

"When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you." --Lolly Daskal