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Investment Real Estate

When it comes to investing in real estate, there are effectively three different types of properties you can investigate. Purchasing property is highly dependent on your current situation, what you are comfortable with, and what best matches your needs. Most importantly, you need to partner with a company that will find, rehabilitate, lease, manage, and even sell your investment properties when it is time.

Cash flow properties

Cash flow properties are purchased because they generate monthly residual income. While they do require attention from time to time, at the right price, the rewards can far exceed the time invested. Also, a self-sustaining cash flow property can get you access to appreciation as it is easier to hold for a long period of time. Cash flow properties tend to be condominiums, single family homes, duplexes, tri-plexes, four-plexes and residential buildings.

Rehab Properties

Rehabilitating properties are beneficial because they offer large cash profits in a relatively short amount of time. While they do take a significant amount of oversight during the rehabbing of the property, this time can be well compensated if the property has been purchased at an appropriate price. While a rehab property can be any property that is in disrepair, most tend to be single family residential properties. With the recent overbuilding in new homes, there are currently many older or distressed homes that offer opportunities for rehabbers.

Lots and Land

Land is yet another opportunity for real estate investors. Land and lots afford real estate investors the opportunity to either build a property from scratch or prepare a plot of land so another builder can build a property. There are large opportunities here for investors as knowledge on how to maneuver through these deals is more difficult to come by.

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