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Complete Property Care while you are away!

NeX-Gen Partners Property Management, LLC is a complete property care company specializing in absentee owner properties without renters. Our Away Concierge Service locations are located largely in resort and vacation destination regions in South Florida and Las Vegas. As such, many people have purchased homes here as a second or third home for vacation use. For any number of reasons many of these homes sit un-occupied for much of the time. This leaves these properties vulnerable to much unknown events that if not brought to an owner’s attention, sooner rather than later, small episodes may become very expensive projects to remediate.

As we all know, it is better to be proactive than reactive. It is always less costly when routine maintenance is properly performed and potential problems are identified and remedied as soon as possible, rather than dealing with major clean up, repairs and expenses.

Trusting someone to take care of your home is a very personal thing. This is made easy when you know the company you are entrusting has over 20-years of management experience of private and investment properties, references and are licensed and insured.

NeX-Gen Partners provides such services as handyman and landscape maintenance to coordinating remodeling! We deal with emergencies if they come up and we are your onsite eyes and ears while you are away!

Away Concierge Service

NeX-Gen Partners will tend to your property while you are away. We will check the property weekly or monthly for a checklist of items. Potential problems can be diverted by checking such things as properly flowing water and waste lines, proper air condition and/or heat function, natural damage or vandalism, and more!

You do not need to worry that there are different people in your home every day; we are the professionals that you meet or speak to personally. Let NeX-Gen Partners’ Away Concierge design and discuss a service that is as detailed or simple as you need. Everything will be handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Welcome Home Services

Hate coming home to an empty fridge, cold, stuffy or dusty house? Why not take advantage of our Welcome Home services. You can leave us a grocery list (10 items from one location) we'll pick them up and stock your fridge so you can have your first meal when you arrive. We will arrive a few hours before you and adjust the air conditioning or heating, or open the windows to let some fresh air in.

Lawn Maintenance

While on vacation why not let us cut your lawn. We will provide short term lawn cutting services including lawn watering.

House Sitting Visit

This service will help you when you are on vacation or a business trip short term or long term.

Our service will include a security inspection of all doors and windows from the inside and outside. Walk through of the house and inspection of bathrooms, garage, and laundry room for signs of flooding. Upon request we will install timers on your lights, adjust blinds or drapes, and give the house a lived in appearance. We will water your plants, pick up your mail, newspapers, and flyers, and leave everything neatly for you on your kitchen table.

NeX-Gen Partners understands the current economic conditions, and that is why we believe our fees are very reasonable for the service we provide our clients.

We can Visit your home daily, weekly or monthly to:

  • Inspect the interior and exterior
  • Check door and window locks
  • Check hot water heater
  • Check and flush toilets
  • Check and run all faucets
  • Check air conditioners and replace the filters
  • Check and operate all appliances
  • Check for leaks
  • Check for pests
  • Check all lights indoor and outdoor and replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Check building exterior
  • Check shrubbery and trees
  • Take in mail, newspapers and forward them if desired
  • Provide you with a monthly email reporting the condition of the property

Additional services include:

  • Charged at a per hour (one hour minimum)
  • Closing the home following to your departure
  • Open the house prior to your arrival
  • Hurricane and storm panel coordination with installation vendor
  • Package pickup
  • Contractors follow ups
  • Other agreed upon requests
  • Automobile start up service
  • Recycle and Trash
  • Welcome home shopping (fee & cost)
  • Propane for grill (fee & cost)
  • Restock Refrigerator (fee & cost)
  • Restock Beverage Cabinet (fee & cost)

Call NeX-Gen Partners today to get this valuable service started and have Peace of Mind!

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